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The Lesser Key of Solomon. The Gnostic Gospels Vintage Ser. Confession of a Buddhist Atheist. The Kybalion Cornerstone Editions. Letter to a Christian Nation Vintage. What God exhales is based on what He inhaled.

The City of God Against The Pagans

So the question is how much of the glory do we really want; so we worship…. The tangibility of the miracles is based on the atmosphere. Renny: Yes He does; oh yes. If we realize our voiceprint in the realm of the Spirit is attached to a miracle that means the miracle is in our mouth as we worship God the miracles would start to break forth. What will happen to that person? Renny: Worship is contagious; the secret of it is it takes one person sometimes to start it and as you start the bull rolling other people will step in the flow and step in the river of God.

Then as you start to worship others will start to step in.

Renny: Oh, let me tell you sometime for years God had dealt with me on it and really and truly because it came from the throne of God; it came from the throne of God. And I mean every chapter in that book was birth out of the visitation of God that we had had in one of our meetings. It came out of a miracle atmosphere. Patron saints do the same thing.

Saint Augustin of Hippo

But: " Because they did not know the name of Him by Whom felicity is given , they chose to call the deity who gave it by the name of the gift. This, then, sufficiently shows them to have thought that felicity cannot be given even by Jupiter hiimself. Let that God be sought, therefore; let him be worshipped.

Bill Johnson - When Heaven Invades Earth

How then is the goddess Fortune good, when she comes to both good men and bad without any discrimination? There is nothing to be gained from worshipping her if she is mere chance; but if she singles out her worshippers, to help them, then she is not mere chance. Note that God helps both the bad and the good alike, and he is deemed good. But when the motion stopped, it was found that the marks were no small distance apart on the edge of the wheel.


Of the temporal reward which God granted to the good morals of the Romans. In fact, the Romans went initially after the early city, and got it. Upon converting to Christianity they gained the heavenly city and lost the earthly. Let us worship this god solely for the sake of our saliva. One God is indeed the logical conclusion. But probably we could pull the same trick with Good vs. There are, I grant, many things in one man; but are there for this reason many men in him?

The faculty by which the likeness of a body is seen in the mind is itself neither a body nor the likeness of a body. That faculty is the mind of man and the rational soul; and it is certainly not a body, if even the likeness of a body when perceived in the mind, is not a body. The soul therefore is neither earth, nor water, nor air, nore fire. And if the soul is not a body, how can God, the creator of the soul, be a body? Him Who truly is because He is immutable.

When Heaven Invades Earth: God Inhales Our Worship and Exhales His Glory by Michael Crawley

Him Who simply is. For, to Him, it is not one thing to exist and another to live, as if he could exist without living; nor, to Him, is it one thing to live and another to understand, as though he might live but not understand; nor is it one thing to understand and another to be blessed, as though He might understand and not be blessed. Rather, to Him, to exist is to live, to understand and to be blessed. Immutability and simplicity.

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  • For some natural reason, indeed, mere existence is so pleasant that even those who are miserable do not wish to die. If I am mistaken then, by the same token, I must exist, since how can I be mistaken without existing? Therefore I exist.