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What you need to renew or apply for a passport

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Load More How can I be sure that an order preventing removal will be complied with? If I get one of these orders, can I still take my child overseas for a holiday or to live? If I ask the Court to make an order preventing the removal of my child, can anyone challenge it? There are two ways an order can be made:.

Under an international law agreement called the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of Child Abduction 'the Convention' , you may be able to ask the authorities of the country your child is in to return your child to New Zealand. It is possible that the person who took your child out of New Zealand could be prosecuted for doing this.

Passport to Parenting

It is not necessary for you to have a Court order giving you custody, access to, or guardianship of your child. Most natural parents in New Zealand automatically have rights of guardianship your lawyer should be able to tell you about the exceptions to this. Even if you do not have day-to-day care of your child, you may still have enough rights under the Hague Convention to ask for your child to be returned to New Zealand if:. Bailey justice. Back to top.

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Search passports. Your browser currently has JavaScript turned off, which means that Govt. It's easy to turn JavaScript on - find out how to enable JavaScript in your browser. What you need to renew or apply for a passport.

Preventing children being taken from New Zealand Please read this information carefully. Expand all. Orders preventing children being taken from New Zealand I am worried that someone will take my child out of New Zealand without my consent - what can I do? Getting an order preventing removal of a child from New Zealand is not enough to physically prevent your child from being taken out of the country.

While the person removing your child will be in breach of a Court order, that will not stop them being able to leave the country.


This means that the child can actually be stopped from leaving New Zealand at the airport by customs officers when the details are checked on the customs system. This is especially important if your child has citizenship of more than one country, because the Court in New Zealand cannot prevent other countries from issuing a passport to your child.

Your lawyer must make an application for an alert to be entered onto the Customs system.

It will not happen automatically through the Court. If you want to take your child away, you will have to ask the Court to either change vary , or cancel discharge the existing Court order.

Proof of Parent-Child Relationship

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Christian Parenting: Passport to Purity

Get ready for Brexit. Your child does not automatically qualify for a British passport - even if one of the parents is a British citizen. The adoption may be recognised for parental responsibility purposes, but not for nationality purposes, depending on the country the adoption took place in. Only adoptions conducted under the Hague Convention are recognised for nationality purposes.

If you do not have a British passport, there are other documents you can send.